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15 Sep 2015 07:17
Tong a phone call from Fushun, presented his most sincere wishes. He was one of my close disciples, is what I do out of class last term of a member of the student, but also my class that session of the college entrance examination scores of the best one, he was admitted to Northeast University of Finance and Economics, year after graduation competition to Fushun City People's Bank of China. He was smart, handsome Meaningful hand written good character, after he graduated from junior high school and I have maintained close contact, the holidays we often go for long talk teachers and students, our teachers and students feeling not fade with the passage of time but increasing. I hope he took to be able to grasp the development direction of life on the job, the ambitious, dry out a career, so to give full play to their wisdom, good service society, for the country to make a useful contribution. He was also given me great hopes for the student, the student's success is the success of teachers, but also teachers and the pursuit of the greatest happiness.

Faced with the podium, backed by the blackboard. Time in the long history of where you put one 45 minutes, with hard sweat and wisdom woven into countless dazzling aura. Your words and deeds, educating people well and human ladder, unforgettable! Mentor hard, group wish you a happy Teacher's Day, family well-being. This is my student Zhang mass to bless the message, the message every time I see his blessing, my eyes are wet, goosebumps, my heart filled with a trace of guilt when school he was a very quiet and shy, boys speak face with a shy, middle grades, but very hard. He graduated from junior high school at their own expense, and later admitted to a maritime college after graduation to work as a crew. Perennial adrift in rough seas on blue water, and wandering around in between Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Let me very moved, he never complained that I did not care for some more, but no matter where he was, at the occasion of Teacher's Day and Spring Festival are sent to warm traveled SMS filled with sincere gratitude. read his message, I always have a strange move. Today he has a stable favorite work, I also pleased many, happy for him. I have encouraged him hard work, dare show themselves lofty ambitions, the future has become a imposing, commanding calm captain.

As night fell, the sky the stars shine, quiet autumn, autumn-, sounded, autumn flavor more concentrated. My student column suddenly flashes, I opened it, turned out to be the work of Zhang sent blessing information. I could not help but recall the delicate Zhang quiet intelligent female students, she was flying from the mountains out of the golden phoenix. Her days of intelligent, study hard, especially good at English, for students who come from agriculture, English outstanding and really let teachers and students with admiration and envy. Her academic performance has been very good, the college entrance exam scores are ideal, graduating with honors and later admitted to the graduate, post-graduate competition to work, remuneration is quite good. She is a talented student, combined with calm water, so naturally superior academic performance. Teachers have a saying, learn good students know to thank relatively small, Zhang practice prove this argument would be arbitrary and one-sided, gratitude can not be used to distinguish between grades. I have been very cordial feelings between teachers and students and Zhang , very deep, so deep graduation decades still strong. I really hope she is on the road to the future development of smooth sailing in life, life shine, brighter life.
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