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Everlasting truth

11 Sep 2015 12:11
God let us were born, will assign its mission. To give us the ability to accomplish this mission, it does not forget us to accomplish this mission injection must have the potential this potential is our strengths is our key to open the door to success. Unfortunately, it did not put the Li strengths clearly written on the palm or our forehead, but to inject it into our confidence and sweat inside, poured into our thinking and the spirit inside.

In the journey of life, everyone had confused and anxious, not knowing where your strengths, do not know how much potential there is, do not know their Way. However, we have had this experience: As long as we stop to consider, confident, continue to explore, at the sweat. We will inadvertently find their strengths and find their mission, sometimes quick success. The reason why the Creator does not directly tell what potential we have, which is to make us complete the mission before the training exercise effort, temper temper will, so that we do not succeed in the face of pride, not lost in the applause among the, in front of the flowers are not intoxicated . Therefore, it intends to our potential, into setbacks and frustrations, the placed twists and mud. Let your tears touch, let you go waving sweat.

However, some people in their lives do not understand this truth, they are superficial understanding of God, blindly obey destiny. They do not know their potential on the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, suffer their aspirations of temptations. They refused to try, afraid of ridicule, fear of failure. They do not know talent and ability, knowledge and wisdom, and that the key to success in these so-called disaster and misfortune. These people mediocre life, you can say is God's fault? God gives each person a key to success, it was found, it was not found. Therefore, this world there are two kinds of life forms: one is rotten, one is burning. Rot is buried talent, combustion is the potential to shine.
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